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In the past, you might remember me posting Ice Climbers topics on this fourm, and the obliviously is one of them. So according to Sakurai the Ice Climbers we're not only cut from Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS due to hardware limitations, but also because the Ice Climbers have no potential for a new game. Personally I'm okay with this, just as long as still kept them as a trophy, and besides, their are lots of better fighters to choose in this game, like the freaking KOOPALINGS! So does anyone here have there say? 
the Populars from down the lane by ToxicIsland
the Populars from down the lane
I heard most people around here might be familiar with the Delightful Children from Down the Lane on Cartoon Network's Codename Kid's Next Door, but what you may not know is that they actually inspired by a group of snobbish children called the Populars, from the Offbeats on Kablam, which was a cartoon created by one of the shows writers. These guys are one of the only two reasons I like Kablam, the other, as you may already know, being the hosts Henry and June having the ability to live after being beheaded, so I thought I decided to draw those little brats. Keep in mind that the two-headed one on the right is not actually from the show as they are a character (or characters) I made up. I'm surprised no one's submitted art of them here on DA since they we're the ones who inspired the DCFDTL.

Kablam and Offbeats (c) Nickelodeon
KND (c) Cartoon Network
Ice Climbers Fan Character Redesign by ToxicIsland
Ice Climbers Fan Character Redesign
Four years ago I submitted art of some of my Ice Climbers fan characters to Deviantart. Now I thought it was time to redesign them to fit into a Super Smash Bros. 4ish style which the Ice Climbers unfortunately weren't playable in but still appeared as a trophy never the less. If you seen my past Ice Climbers character pictures you may have noticed that my ICs had insect antenna and wings under their coats, this however has now been retconned but they can still get these insect features by collecting some sort of power up. I'm sure you might find these alot more interesting then the original designs.

Ice Climber (c) Nintendo
Iceman (c) Capcom
My characters (c) Me
Sealbot is based off of robo dog from Super Milk Chan (c) [adult swim]
I just felt like discussing the exiting adventure mode that tells the tale about several Nintendo characters saving a world from destruction. But this mode won't be in the upcoming Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros. games. What do you think about it anyway?
You know that mode exclusive to ssb3ds in which you collect powerups the upgrade your character's ablilties by fighting enemies from various video games in this big dungeon battlefield.


United States
I have come to this site of webs to show the world how rather insane art can truly be to someone who is well, Completly uncrazed.

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