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Possible ssb4 Ice Climber DLC redesign by ToxicIsland
Possible ssb4 Ice Climber DLC redesign
Seeing as Lucas made it as DLC in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS due for rampant fan demand with a slight design change, I thought the Ice Climbers will make a return as DLC as well, (But it's just Popo playing with Nana as an Alternate costume due for 3DS limitations) and my guess is that they'll look like they came out of the [adult swim] anime, Super Milk Chan as seen in this picture. Enjoy.

Ice Climbers (c) Nintendo
Super Milk Chan (c) [adult swim]
Super Smash Bros: Cartoon Network edition by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Bros: Cartoon Network edition
Note: For those of you who saw my Cartoon Network: Duel Slaughter Cruncher Purple roster, yes this is an updated version of it. This roster right here is for a much better spiritual sucessor too the Smash Bros.-like game, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, except this one's even more like Smash Bros. then PTE is, featuring the classic SSB modes like All-star Mode, Home Run Contest (With Johnny Test as the Sandbag), Smash Run, Trophies of different Cartoon Network characters and shows, and more.  Did I mention that this game also uses the same engine as SSB? I even decided to add a few [adult swim] characters in the mix as well as Pikachu and Sonic (with Sonic Boom design) as guest characters.  Even those who weren't found with Punch Time Explosion are sure to love this piece!

Characters (c) Cartoon Network, Nintendo [adult swim] and Sega
Super Smash Sissies Omega Xtreme Volleyball by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Sissies Omega Xtreme Volleyball
As you probably already know, Super Smash Bros. Omega is a very big Smash Bros. video game, and with every big video game comes insane modes. This is one of them.  As you can tell by it's title you can only play as the female cast of ssbo, (This includes Characters with no gender and look female as well, such as NiGHTS, Fi, and even Missingno) which means any dual-character, like the Ice Climbers, will have the male person removed with Immu and Shila and the Populars being the only exceptions, as one of the characters are a pair of conjoined twins while other group is NEVER seen apart uless they want to inexplicably explode, and characters with multi gender alts. such as Villager and Robin will only have their female costumes, and yes it is a 2 vs. 2. Vollyball type Smash Bros. game, with the ball being, belive it or not, the characters decapiated head, yes you heard me right, these video game chicks will take off their heads and use it as a volley ball, and too make things more insane their will be enemies running around on the field trying to attack the players, and if you get KOed or if the severed head touches the ground you will lose points. Have Fun.

Characters (c) Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square-Enix, Namco, Activision, Majesco, Warner Brothers, Konami, Gottlieb, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Toho, and more.

Sponsored by Harrah's Casino and Resort.

Inspired by an Article on Uncyclopedia
Super Smash Bros. Omega Koopaling Alts. by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Bros. Omega Koopaling Alts.
Back in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS the seven Koopalings were all playable as each of Bowser Jr's alternate costumes, but since Smash Bros. Omega has a much more massive roster, they are all separate playable characters with their own movesets, and half of their alternate costumes are (can you believe it) The DiC cartoon counterparts! That's right now, you can battle as the Koopalings DiC versions and have a little match with their original in-game versions as well! As a bonus, all the Koopalings each have a Dark counterpart to play as. And this is just one reason why Omega is going to be a SMASH!!

Koopalings (c) Nintendo
Their DiC Counterparts (c) Well DiC
Super Smash Bros. Omega's new Smash Run by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Bros. Omega's new Smash Run
Hey Kids, wanna know who to make ssb3DS's Smash Run even more insane? Have it happen IN THE KOOPA KIDS KLUBHOUSE!  Yes in Super Smash Bros. Omega (you know the one with the huge roster I made) Smash Run is returning and more exciting than ever with the help of it's new features.  In this Smash Run you collect power-ups by killing random video game enemies to be ready for a special challenge but rather than being a 2.5-D fighting platformer like Smash normally is, this one is a 3D fighting platform game that takes place in the Koopa Kids Klubhouse from my Bowser Jr's Birthday picture. As you can see the player character in this picture is Rayman but see these video game children in the background, they are your dream co-stars with some of the one's with weapons and powers such as Ludwig Von Koopa, Jeff from Earthbound, and Elecman will assist you in beating enemies while powerless ones like the Populars from Kablam, Kenny from South Park and Georgie from Shin Chan, simply running away or getting killed by the monsters, however all of them, powers or not, will run away from invincible one-hit-kill enemies such as Ultimate Chimeras and Ornes. (Yes some the kids are also playable characters but their's no rule that says they can't be) A load of new events will occur randomly such as fog in the Klubhouse, Meteor Showers, an Orne-nado (a tornado made out of Orne's) the Animatronics going Five Nights at Freddy's on you and many more.  Every enemy from the 3DS Smash Run will return with a ton more new enemies, and how much more enemies compared to Smash Bros. 3DS? IT'S NOT EVEN COMPARABLE!! And see that Nyan Cat right their, that's right their is going to be INTERNET MEME enemies to encounter as well. Occasionally a random boss enemy will wreak havoc in the Klubhouse such as the Hisstocrats, Kraid, King Dodongo, Dyna Blade, and even that Painter Boss from Castle Crashers, if your successful enough to beat on of them in time, you will get Major Stat boosts and other prizes. (BTW that Yuktopus from Crash of the Titans/Mind Over Mutant? That's not even a boss enemy it's just a really big enemy you can control if beaten enough) As of Smash Bros. 3DS you can customize the characters and music, but you can also customize the time you spend in the Klubhouse from 3-9 minutes and their's even an ENDLESS Smash Run which has you endlessly running around defeating enemies and collecting powerups without a final match, just for fun of course.  I hope you could handle a Smash Run like this.

Stuff (c) Nintendo, Sega, Ubisoft, Capcom, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Midway, Gottlieb, Konami, Namco, and Adult Swim

Also Smash Tour will be in this game as well..


United States
I have come to this site of webs to show the world how rather insane art can truly be to someone who is well, Completly uncrazed.

Current Residence: The 15th Dimension
Favourite genre of music: Outer Dimensional
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Shell of choice: blue koopa shell
Favourite cartoon character: Mario and Cthulhu
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