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Ice Climber Arrangement by ToxicIsland
Ice Climber Arrangement
Ever wonder why their are never-before-seen Ice Climber charatcers in Super Smash Bros. Omega… despite the fact Ice Climber has no potential for a new game? Well they didn't say they have no potential for a minigame.  Introducing Ice Climber: Arrangement, a mini game found exclusively as a new mode in Super Smash Bros. Omega, based on Namco's Pac-Man and Dig-dug Arrangement.  In this remake not only can you play as Popo and Nana like normal, you can also play as all of the Parket family children, each one with their own special abilities! Other new features in the game include Ice themed enemies from different Video game series, Pet powerups wich include Yukibun, Sealbot and the giant Metamoth, Big bosses that are just waiting for a challenge, different themed mountains and alot more.  So be Cool that the Ice Climbers will at least get their own mini game!

Characters (c) Nintendo
Original Sprites from Spriters Resource and MFGG
Tak Twacy Rouge's Gallery Redux by ToxicIsland
Tak Twacy Rouge's Gallery Redux
Now Don't you be thinkin' I'm done with Tak Twacy.  The Rouge's Gallery is back but with a few modifications: The characters are now in a Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Style rather than Brawl's style, The Kid Icarus Villain, Medusa, was replaced with Hades due for being a more major antagonist, and Tiki Tong was replaced with King K. Rool due for being a more notable arch rival for Donkey Kong, and the Following Villains have been added:
The Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
Metal Face (Xenoblade)
Dr. Wily (Megaman)
Toc-Man (Pac-Man)
M. Bision (Street Fighter)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)
Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
Springtrap (Five Night's at Freddy's)
and The Mooninites (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Characters (c) Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Sega, Capcom, Namco, Square-Einx, Scott Cawthon, Konami, Nickelodeon, Activision, and [adult Swim]
Wanted Sign Sprite from Spriters Resource
Since 2005 it's been my dream for their to be a true Mario TV show that's not like that crappy Super Show, and I was wondering what you'd like to see in it and who should be it's producer since I had that Nintendo has now been willing to make Theme Park Rides, Films and possibly TV shows of their games. Personally I'd for it to have various video game characters in it like a good version of Captain N. What are your thoughts?
MASATR2016OG Roster Prediction by ToxicIsland
MASATR2016OG Roster Prediction
The recent preview video of Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games seem to indicate that this game might have alot more new characters than the last games including the Koopalings and Deadly Six, which is why I decided to do my own big roster prediction.  Also keep note that Eggman Nega is called Copyright Nightmare due for the fact that he is exiled from use in the Archie Sonic comics and that some choices might be crack ones like Banzai Bill and F-6t Bigfoot.

Characters (c) Nintendo and Sega
Mostly Inspired by MachriderZ's Mario Tennis Wii U Dream Roster


United States
I have come to this site of webs to show the world how rather insane art can truly be to someone who is well, Completly uncrazed.

Current Residence: The 15th Dimension
Favourite genre of music: Outer Dimensional
Favourite style of art: ssbb style
Shell of choice: blue koopa shell
Favourite cartoon character: Mario and Cthulhu
Personal Quote: "Hide your kids!"


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