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Super Mario Maker DLC Roster by ToxicIsland
Super Mario Maker DLC Roster
Since I heard the news about the Angry Sun's data being leaked in Super Mario Maker I thought I decided to predict what other objects will be DLC in said game. As you can see their are a lot of objects in this roster including some new enemy shake transformations, loosened object restrictions between game styles and even a guest appearance of the Orne from Kid Icarus Uprising, enjoy and keep your hopes up!

Super Mario Maker (c) Nintendo
original Sprites from Spriters Resource and MFGG
Super Smash Bros. Omega Items: Guillotine by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Bros. Omega Items: Guillotine
"An out of body experience!" A strange item that hails from the Binding of Isaac, it will the make players head inexplicably survive decapitation and orbit around his or her body if they touch it.  With this powerup, (or curse as you might like to call it) opponents touching the player's severed head will be damaged while their body is still vulnerable to attacks.  It may or may not make head based attacks easier to use but it's worth it!

Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo
Pac-man (c) Namco
Glover (c) Hasbro
The Binding of Isaac (c) Edmund Mcmillen
Powerpuff Girls (c) Cartoon Network
Original sprites from Spriters Resource
Super Mario Maker DLC Ideas: Banzai Bill by ToxicIsland
Super Mario Maker DLC Ideas: Banzai Bill
Super Mario Maker's release is right around the corner, but I was thinking of some ideas for some Enemy DLC, like Banzai Bill for instance. True to it's first appearance they don't start out fired from a bill blaster, but like nearly every other object they can be placed in one. Like the Clown Car in Super Mario World, Banzai's sprite is reduced in size, however feeding it a Super Mushroom will make it it's, "normal" Size. Shaking it will turn it into a red Mario-seeking Banzai Bill, while giving it wings will make it bob up and down, similar to their look alike counterparts, the Killer Bullets from Megaman, give wings to Mario seeking ones, and they'll move faster so watch out!

Super Mario Maker (c) Nintendo
Megaman (c) Capcom
Super Smash Bros. Omega items: Toaster by ToxicIsland
Super Smash Bros. Omega items: Toaster
This new item functions just as you expect too, not just having toast pop out of it but electrifying opponents to death when thrown in the water! One little warning: NEVER jump into the water while holding this item, it won't be pretty.

Super Smash Bros. (C) Nintendo
Knuckles (C) Sega
Megaman (C) Capcom

Original Sprites from MFGG and Spriters Resource
ssbo items: Helicopter by ToxicIsland
ssbo items: Helicopter
Flying it's way into the new series of Super Smash Bros. Omega items is the Helicopter based of the one from the Mausland flash game Powerfox 3.  When the item first appears on stage it is sealed by a giant crate that parachutes from the sky. When it comes, you must be the first to destroy the crate in order to obtain this piece of aircraft. You can, for a few seconds fly the helicopter while constantly shooting missiles at your opponents, until it explodes. And while your at it, it's best not to think too hard about how a Banzai Bill could possibly fly a helicopter.

Mario Banzai Bill and Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo
Crash Bandicoot (c) Activision
Rolf (c) Cartoon Network
Powerfox (c) Mausland
Original Sprites from Spriters Resource


United States
I have come to this site of webs to show the world how rather insane art can truly be to someone who is well, Completly uncrazed.

Current Residence: The 15th Dimension
Favourite genre of music: Outer Dimensional
Favourite style of art: ssbb style
Shell of choice: blue koopa shell
Favourite cartoon character: Mario and Cthulhu
Personal Quote: "Hide your kids!"


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